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Neewer is a vibrant multinational enterprise specializing in product development in the photography, film, and music industry. Our focus is on research and development of new products which span all three industries; ranging from amateur equipment to full studio setups for professionals. From our inception in 2010, we have listened to what types of imaging products customers want. Based on our interactions with customers,we develop high quality and cost effective solutions. Once we have identified the types of items our customers desire, we begin researching ways to meet this demand. Our ethos consists of listening and talking to our consumers, developing the solution they desire, then marketing a high quality product as the end result. With over 20 authorized retailers worldwide, our system has been fully realized and proven successful. We have listened to our customers and developed the items that meet their needs. Our items are not only desirable for their function, but also for the value that comes with the Neewer brand. Our goal is to provide products which live up to our slogan: "Pro Quality, Amateur Prices". Using our strong reputation in the industry we have driven our items to become top sellers in many categories on the leading eCommerce platforms worldwide.